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The potential of Artificial Intelligence for financial service providers is not limited to better credit decisions. Our track record in emerging markets combined with our cloud platform results in new products and tools, pushing the limits of what is economically viable.

Data Science

Data is at the very core of the new generation of financial services. It is Rubyx main focus…

Service Design

…but technology by itself does not ensure a great customer experience.
Our product design consulting helps our clients deliver the best to their final customers.


Rubyx.io data analytics platform makes our promise easy to deploy, with minimal investments and short time to market

Extract value from your data. Get started now.

Success in digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight, but there are fast tracks. Our cloud data warehouse offer is fast and easy to deploy; it allows focusing on your innovations while we ease your access to the power of data.

Focus on the economics of AI

We bring you from strategy to disbursement. 10+ years of financial services in emerging markets provides us with instinct on how to make technology render business results

Rapid implementation, no heavy investment

We do the hard work, managing the big data technology so we can talk about results

What We Do?

We support financial institutions, primarily in emerging markets, and help them extract real value from their data.

Strategy & Consulting

When building a product development roadmap, research and design is only one half of the equation. Getting buy-in across departments or branches and the entire C-Suite can make all the difference in the success of a project ― and it takes real expertise to get it right. We can consult and coach your teams on every step of the process, to make sure they share a single vision and can work together to achieve it.

Product Development

This is the core of what we do, and we can develop an intelligent bespoke product that’s the best fit for your needs. From data wrangling to prototyping, to product specification, development, testing, product launch and impact measurement, we’ll help you turn your big ideas into the smarter tools that make a difference for your business.


The value of the information lays on its potential for knowledge. We produce knowledge for decision makers through research. Formal and robust methodologies are applied when answering complicated, ambiguous and above all important business questions. Share with us your theories, doubts, evidences and thoughts. Results are always provided with reliability metrics so decisions are taken in optimal conditions.

Data Science Kickstarting

Are you already convinced that you need a strong push in building your data science practice in-house? You need to bring the knowledge inside your organization to avoid being too dependant on external solutions? Big changes start small. We bring the key expertise to start and accelerate the development of an agile data science team within your organization.

Our Solution

A predictive decision-making platform for financial institutions, built on artificial intelligence and behavioral economics. Make financial inclusion accessible and affordable in emerging markets.

We provide a platform to facilitate the integration of AI for Microfinance. It allows MFIs to upload anonymized data into a dedicated data warehouse and to access a multitude of metrics and analyses from it. The infrastructure is supported by cutting-edge big data and cloud-native technologies.

Our product development and data science services can be deployed on our platform or in standalone on our clients infrastructure.

Data warehouse and AI as a Service

Powerful and scalable, our cloud-native platform enables rapid deployment of solutions with minimal investment.

Trust what makes sense to you, nothing else!

Our unique way of combining behavioural economics and data science provides you with fully understandable models.

One size does not fit all

We deliver industry-tailored technology. Our data structure and algorithms are the results of years of experience in emerging markets.

They trust us

Who are we?

We love complex problems

After years of working together on a variety of projects we decided to create a company to focus our passion, experience and intelligence on solving problems for hand-picked clients.

We bring together experience and knowhow in customer research, UX design, advanced data science, deep learning, business planning and financial services technology.

Our unique combination of skills delivers concrete and actionable results.

Denis Moniotte
The Catalyst
Denis brings a continuous critical eye to the status quo. From boardrooms to fish markets he leaves no rule unchallenged. He speaks French, English, Italian and Dutch. After a short professional journey as a trainer in insurance, he has conducted digital transformation in Europe, Africa and Asia both on the technology and product sides for 15 years, first with Accenture and then as Chief Innovation Officer and CTO of Microcred.
Eduardo Marinho
The Juggler
For Eduardo, every data solution begins with the people it serves. Listening to a farmer in Niger in the morning sparks an idea that he checks, models and visualises on his computer with R by mid-afternoon. From early warning systems for the UN to credit scoring for MFIs, his passion is to foster African development with innovative solutions that combine rigorous analyses with a subtle understanding of human behaviour. He speaks Portuguese, French, English and Italian.
Giorgio Rivero
The Prop
For every technology endeavour, there is hard work done behind the scene. Giorgio is Rubyx result oriented foundation architect that brings us the confidence that what we build for our customers will be robust. Giorgio has built data rich applications, data visualization and data warehouses in various industries. He speaks Italian, French, English and Spanish
Bertrand Delvaux
The Magician
Bertrand may speak French, English and Spanish, but his language fluency truly shines with Python. There’s nothing he can’t communicate, develop or solve in the programming language. He brings a wide range of experience to his current role as data wizard, including work as a researcher, data scientist, teacher and translator, as well as a 15-year career as a professional lyrical singer.
Thomas Carrié
The Pace Setter
Thomas sets the right pace to get every project operational, whether it’s a quick sprint from start to finish or a longer, multi-stage journey that requires focus, discipline and carefully measured steps. He speaks French, English and Spanish. He has piloted development projects and implemented financial products and services across Africa for the last 7 years, working closely with all stakeholders, from farmers and small entrepreneurs to bankers and public representatives.

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